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DIY: Cute to Creepy Cute - Little Guro Dress

Mission: Turn  Into
I was inspired by my love for halloween today. I decided to upcycle a plain black skater dress into an adorably spooky sliced open guts dress! I'll attempt to share how through pictures.
Start with your supplies: - Skater Dress - Pile of Felt - Sewing Bits [thread, needle, etc] I decided that black would make the best background for the look I was going for. I then sketched out what I wanted the opening to look like. Once the image in my mind was reflected upon my sketchbook, I took a piece of fabric chalk and made my opening shape. Then I cut it out my shape. Satisfied with my opening, I took a full sheet of pink felt and positioned it to the back of my dress. I also cut out the "Spine" and "Rib" pieces out of white felt for the skeletal bits. Once everything was pinned in place, I sewed all the pieces to the new opening of the dress. Then, I played around with the reds and pinks of felt that I had available for the guts. I ended up using t…

New Obsession! - Pinky:st

More like an old obsession that I fed once, resold he nutrients, and never fed again...until now =_='. At this point you're probably going, "....dearest Starfish....what the hell is a pinky st!?" Well, if you'd be patient then I could inform you silly gooses! Ok, more like I'm going to let wikipedia inform you :D
"Pinky:St, also writtenPinky Street(ピンキーストリートPinkī Sutorīto?), are plastic (PET) figures designed by BabySue and manufactured by the Japanese company Vance Project. Their distinguishing feature is theinterchangeable parts. The heads, hair styles, clothing and accessories can easily be switched between figures according to taste.
The figures are about 10 cm (4 in) tall and compatible with 1:18 scaledollhouses, furniture, vehicles and other accessories. Many special edition Pinky:st figures have been produced based on characters from Japanese anime,manga and video games." "Beyond the base sets available for purchase, there is an active cust…

Collection Update #1 - Tsum Tsum

I know I have been posting a good bit about toys lately, but it's what has most of my attention other than work. Sadly, I don't have the energy for much else, bleh. TsumTsums have been thee cutest thing I have seen toy wise in a hot minute, and I have fallen deep within the tsum hole haha. I cannot keep myself away from them, and Disney is not taking many breaks with releasing new sets and adorable merch.

I have yet to complete any of the mystery stack pack series, but am disgustingly close to finishing series 1, and the marvel series. Still have about 3 left from series 2, and 7 from series 3. When it comes to the vinyl stackable tsums, I'm happy I'm no completist. I am much pickier when picking which sets [small, medium large] I'd like to have in my collection.

Their bright colors really draw me in, and their chubby little faces keep me hooked. Row one is my series 1, with the exception of Sven and Anger on the very ends. Row two shows the Marvel series 1, and th…