Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIY: Cute to Creepy Cute - Little Guro Dress


I was inspired by my love for halloween today. I decided to upcycle a plain black skater dress into an adorably spooky sliced open guts dress! I'll attempt to share how through pictures.

Start with your supplies:
- Skater Dress
- Pile of Felt
- Sewing Bits [thread, needle, etc]
I decided that black would make the best background for the look I was going for. I then sketched out what I wanted the opening to look like.
*blergh* guts *gagh* blood
*squishes cheeks together*
Once the image in my mind was reflected upon my sketchbook, I took a piece of fabric chalk and made my opening shape. Then I cut it out my shape.
Satisfied with my opening, I took a full sheet of pink felt and positioned it to the back of my dress. I also cut out the "Spine" and "Rib" pieces out of white felt for the skeletal bits. Once everything was pinned in place, I sewed all the pieces to the new opening of the dress.
Then, I played around with the reds and pinks of felt that I had available for the guts. I ended up using the fuchsia color instead of going with straight red, and cut out a shape that would fit into the bottom half of my opening.
I found sweet solace in this fabric marker when trying to figure out where I wanted the intestines to be placed. I drew them on [only being able to be seen by my own eyes!], and started to hand sew along the lines of the new forming intestines.
When I would have one side of one intestine shape sewn down, I'd add some stuffing to the inside and sew the other side down. I'd then hot glue the ends of the newly formed intestines down to the sides of the dress opening.
I initially wanted to have intestines spilling out of the dress as well, but with sewing on my light pink piece completely to the back it kind of messed up that idea. Next time for sure! Instead, I added some dripping blood to the bottom opening so it looked as though the opening was still fresh.

Happy Photo Time!

What? And a video!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed, and that this was helpful or inspiring!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Obsession! - Pinky:st

More like an old obsession that I fed once, resold he nutrients, and never fed again...until now =_='. At this point you're probably going, "....dearest Starfish....what the hell is a pinky st!?" Well, if you'd be patient then I could inform you silly gooses! Ok, more like I'm going to let wikipedia inform you :D
"Pinky:St, also written Pinky Street (ピンキーストリート Pinkī Sutorīto?), are plastic (PET) figures designed by BabySue and manufactured by the Japanese company Vance Project. Their distinguishing feature is theinterchangeable parts. The heads, hair styles, clothing and accessories can easily be switched between figures according to taste.
The figures are about 10 cm (4 in) tall and compatible with 1:18 scale dollhouses, furniture, vehicles and other accessories. Many special edition Pinky:st figures have been produced based on characters from Japanese anime,manga and video games."
"Beyond the base sets available for purchase, there is an active customization community. Pinky garage kits are also available." source
This adorable My Melody set was the one I once had. I initially thought she was a cutie, but I am way more into Kuromi myself, and ended up letting her go to a better home. Plus, I didn't like how her shawl/scarf thing was positioned when I tried to link her together. Also, I do know that there is a Kuromi option,
but by the time I found out, I was already off of Pinky St. by the time I witnessed her greatness. I think she was also too hard to obtain at the age I was [I think 16, or 17?]. I've recently upon a Japan Goods Service site, called FromJapan,  in which I oopsed and decided to search "Pinky St". You know, just to see what they had different than ebay =_=...I do believe I've only purchased one so far, but have about 8 in my watchlist lol.
I think she is precious o.o. I love her hair style, and her original outfit. I'm not too much of  a fan of the extra fit she comes with, but maybe if I can learn to customize I can turn it into something grand. 
Here are examples of a couple of the other girls that I'd love to have for my soon to be Pinky:st collection.
The King of Fighters

Range Murata
Tenjou Tenka X Pinky:st

Pray for my bank account for me please. Thank you in advanced TT_TT!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Collection Update #1 - Tsum Tsum

I know I have been posting a good bit about toys lately, but it's what has most of my attention other than work. Sadly, I don't have the energy for much else, bleh. TsumTsums have been thee cutest thing I have seen toy wise in a hot minute, and I have fallen deep within the tsum hole haha. I cannot keep myself away from them, and Disney is not taking many breaks with releasing new sets and adorable merch.

I have yet to complete any of the mystery stack pack series, but am disgustingly close to finishing series 1, and the marvel series. Still have about 3 left from series 2, and 7 from series 3. When it comes to the vinyl stackable tsums, I'm happy I'm no completist. I am much pickier when picking which sets [small, medium large] I'd like to have in my collection.

Their bright colors really draw me in, and their chubby little faces keep me hooked. Row one is my series 1, with the exception of Sven and Anger on the very ends. Row two shows the Marvel series 1, and the third row shows series 2 of disney. I still need Sebastian [such an intense need] from series 1. Ariel, Eeyore, Cinderella, and Buzz Lightyear [NEED HIM] from series 2. From Marvel, I only need Ghost Rider. I know what you're thinking, "What are you talking about? You're still missing Olaf, and many from Marvel silly Starfish". I actually had Olaf, and traded him for someone I wanted much more. As for the rest of my Marvel fellas....
They are buried within this unopened pile of love and wonder. There are also a handful of series 3 hidden as well. I can't wait to open them, and add them to my ever growing collection o.o.

As for my stacked sets, I only have 3 completed as you can see. The mixed bunch to the left are the ones I haven't felt as strong of a need to finish just yet. The one's with buddies on the right are my "strong need" crew. Especially scrump...halfway debating on a scrump army honestly. Let's not tell the brain cells that are most in control though!

Other than the rest of the mystery packs, I'm really trying to get my hot hands on a Flounder carry bag and Stitch carry bag. I'd love to turn them into shoulder bags or something with a longer strap period. Oh, and definitely want the Little Green Man Rocket set! I can't wait til it's available in the US.
I would have to say my favorite characters in Tsum Tsum form are: Alien, Piglet, Flounder, Buzz, Scrump, Stitch, Donald, Iron Man, Hob Goblin, and Thor!

Disney, please never stop this
Thanks for Reading!