Toy Tuesday - Recent Gets!

Hello and welcome to Starfish's first Toy Tuesday! 
I love seeing what my fellow grown toy collectors are collecting, and love to show my collection as well! I'll be showing the goodies I've been "discount" shopping for from ebay, listia, Walmart, and Target! Read all the way to the bottom, or just skip to see a video instead!

Here are a few gathered bits that I plan to send to a youtuber that I really enjoy. I was initially planning to send it to her before her birthday this month, but I think I'd like to gather a couple more items before I decide to finally send it on its way! All of these items [excluding Angel, she was bought through listia] were bought on sale at my local Walmart.
Purple & yellow Crystal Surprise Zing Pig [4.88]
Tsum Tsum Stackable Stitch Lip Smacker [4.88]
Angel Mystery Stack Pack [2.88]
I already have an Angel of my own, so I'm happy to share my double with her if she doesnt already have her! I also have a double of Stitch that will be going along with this package!

Angel came along with these wonderful Tsum Tsum gets from Listia! Well except for Mickey, he was felt up and purchased at walmart. From series 2, I really really want buzz lightyear with his adorable little rocket ship! I think he's the only one I "need" any others that arent doubles would just be lovely. I was super happy to get Alien!!!

Next are my wonderful ebay gets! 
I absolutely love ebay, and have been using it since I was about 10 or 11 [when my parents allowed me to make a paypal]. I've had probably only one to three issues with the site, but all issues resolved with full refunds.
Onto the goodies! First I scored this adorable Smorkin' Labbit Bondage Labbit *chuu* .  He is ridiculously adorable in all his kinkiness!

The next wonderful get is this Yu-Pak Danboard figure! He was an absolute steal for 0.99! Sadly I found out his batteries were destroyed, but I didn't really want to take him out of his adorable box anyways.

Cro-minion Kevin was next on my find list, for a whomping $1.68!
He is being saved until I can gift him to my Mom for whichever holiday will be coming up next. She loves these little yellow fellas!
Whilst toy hunting in Wally World, I noticed that their "core" Tsum Tsums were priced at $2.88. They're usually around 4.95 anywhere else so I had to pick some up! I've never purchased a mini tsum plush for myself, only my medium piglet. I got a cutie mini piglet to match him [oh how i love him so], an alien [fell like I must get two more!!], and flounder! Though I'm not all that interested in Disney princesses, flounder as a tsum is to die for!
Lastly was a trip to Target, in which I picked up 4 mymoji Five Nights at Freddy's  blind bags. I picked all new ones! I'm super excited to have a new puppet face, and boy ain't he a cutie!

These were gathered over time, so I didn't do too bad with keeping my obsession under control...heh
I hope you enjoyed seeing my new figures and plush as much as I loved playing with and showing them!


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