Starfish's Wishes - Funko Pop Wishlist

How adorable is this little blueberry!? I can't believe how perfect this Violet Blue-regarde is! I don't think I'd want any Willy Wonka pop more that I want this one! Sadly, she's a SDCC exclusive *le sigh*. I can only hope that I'll be able to find her somewhere online eventually!
Same goes for this Sex Bob-Omb 3 pack. Sadly, exclusive to SDCC. My faith is not lost in being able to find this set and add them to my collection. The only thing that could make this set better would be if Kim had some sort of mini Drum. Maybe they'll one day break up this set and sell her with her Drums.
Oh my childhood. I can't wait to see how they've created such a wonderful story in movie form, and I definitely want to get my hands on this pop! I'd wished that they made him the 6" size pop, but I've read that they dont sell as well as the others. I'm ok with it!
I'm not so much excited for Capitan America string lights, but excited for pop string lights!!! I can't wait to see which styles they release for this. I really hope for some domo ones....OMG or a Steven Universe family set!
Still on the topic of Steven Universe....Funko Pop is releasing these ADORABLE mystery minis!!! My wish is to own a case that I can unbox for my pleasure! The cases are sold as 12, and I've already picked which 12 I'd die for out of the 15 possibles you can get. Which are your favs?


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