Starfish's Addictions - Introduction

Hello and welcome to an episode of Starfish's Addictions in which I introduce you to the world of my obsessions. For starters, I have been collecting for many many years. It started off with a liking for Sanrio characters, and anime related items [small items I could find on ebay] when I was in my single digit ages. I then found out about San-x, stationaries, and a little brown "mutant brownie" named Domo-kun. I think Domo-kun was the first obsession that I threw caution to the wind with. Then I found a little thing called Dunny and other vinyl figures. I just spun out of control. I am happy that it became more mainstream, giving me more options of favorite items to collect and more ways to throw away my money. It's all for happy feels, so it is all ok. Let's dive in!

I used to say that I have a collection of collections, but recently realized that it's just a collection of things I find personally cute!
At the moment, I have one bookshelf to house all of my figures, most of my plush, and most of my reading materials[manga behind manga and books behind books]. I would love to get wall shelves in time, especially since I'd like to feed my fella's addiction to hot wheels and motorcycles. I think both of our obsessions would look lovely and lively displayed "levitating" on the walls. Until then, my bookcase is the home!
Current Collection Includes:
Shin Chan
Kidrobot [mostly Dunny]
Anime Merch [Dangan Ropa, Madoka Magica, Black Rock Shooter, Sasami-san@Ganbaranai]
Kawaii Merch [Arpacasso, Amuse Hamster]
Artist Stickers [including my own!]
Tsum Tsum
Other Vinyl Figures
Octopus goodies
The far right photo is after I've added my current toy/figure purchases, including new tsum tsums and FNAF my emojis. Let's get a litter closer to the newer figures and more current additions.
Scrump, Gus, and Buzz was the most recent stack pack I purchased. I "needed" that big scrump, and I really like how buzz looks as a plump little roly poly lol. Can you tell I love Scrump and Stitch lol.
Stackable Tsum Tsums from Series 1 & 2
I can't get over their adorable chubby faces and lil round bodies. There are definitely ones that I like over the others, and I'm trying to stay with only buying the ones I really really like instead of trying to go all out for things I just kind of like. It's ok to not want everything! My absolute favorites are Stitch, Scrump and Piglet!
stack stack stack!
The mystery minis are just as adorable! I would love them more than the stack packs if they included every character, but I'm sure they'll add them as they release more series [hopefully]. Oops, Almost forgot about Olaf [have not watched Frozen yet]!
I recently tried to add Funko's Best of Anime mystery boxes from series one to my collection, knowing I really only wanted the Attack on Titan and Soul Eater characters.
Of course I get Ciel from Black Butler lol. Though I am entranced by his blue hair and cute little outfit, my heart isn't in keeping him as a part of my collection. He will most likely be added to the world of ebay, my apologies Ciel!!!
I was here believing that Disney had enough of my money already after releasing series two of the tsum tsum mystery packs....boy was I wrong. Toy story "not so" blind bags are here to take even more of it.
I started off small with just one Alien, so hopefully these will be here for a while and I will be able to get all the characters I truly want.
Those of you who have been with me for a while know I have a strong love for Octopi, and what goes along with them. I'm an octomaid myself! To my surprise, they've added an octopus [well, septopus] character for the new Finding Dory movie and his name is Hank!
You remember my plush from my lovely fella! Which initially started it all, so let's just blame him for knowing what I love haha. I've also added two of the "not so" blind bag hanks...and am trying to convince myself that I don't need a third one lol. I can't wait for more Hank merch!

I also have a growing octopus collection, mostly plush. Pictures of those were not included in this post!
That was a little dive into the types of things I obsess over, and what you can expect me to be hauling in on, in addition to my fashion styles. I will show more as more comes in. I hope you enjoyed my collections as much as I love them!


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