Starfish's Addictions #2 - Funko, Blind Bags, & more..

Back at it again with the toy obsessions!
Yup, Starfish has fed her adorable figure desires once again. It was pay day, and a day to finally spoil myself. Of course I chose toys and figures to spoil myself with! I started off with a solo trip to Michaels and Target, since I had mini missions that involved those two stores. The first of the two was to use the 50% off one regular item coupon from Michaels that I woke up to in my inbox. The second mission was to find and purchase Deadpool the game for our xbox one from Target. 
After finishing up at Michaels and Target, I went to meet up with a friend and head to the local mall. When we got there, I stopped at the Disney store and another store called "Box Lunch". It's like the little sister store of Hottopic, but sells mainly anime and gamer gifts. we wanted to go to a Hottopic after not finding anything at Box Lunch, so we hopped on the train and headed to another mall. While there we went to Hottopic, Spencers, Claire's, and Gamestop. I did not get anything from Claire's lol.
 I found Hank at Michael's, and used my 50% off on him! The excitement was real when I saw him sitting on the Finding Dory Display Tower. He was the only thing I ended up getting from Michaels. I got my game and a Hatsune Miku blind bag from Target. The disney Tsum Tsum blind box is from the Disney Store. The adorable Steven Universe Funko Pops [Regular Garnet, and Glowing Steven], Steven and Stitch Pocket Pop, and Simpson blind bags are from Hottopic. Stay Puft Pocket Pop, and FNAF myemoji are from Gamestop. I was lucky enough that sales were going on at every store, and if something wasn't on sale a coupon was available! Ok, let's see what's inside!
I'm happy about everything except the Simpson's keyrings. I've watched an unboxing of a few of them, and decided that Maggie absolutely terrifies me...I wish they'd made her face wider instead of making it look so skinny. I also am not a fan of comic book guy's hairline. They will most likely be up on ebay!
As you saw, I got Goofy as my Tsum Tsum blind box figure. I think it's safe to say that the Tsum Tsums from the blind box are "Extra Large" size. I know I have small hands, but my fingers pretty much touch when wrapped around my goofy. I really want Mickey and Minnie as well!
Because of the Twice upon a Year Sale, I was able to get Goofy for 5.99 instead of the regular price of 12.95 [I believe]. I also picked Foxy for my Five Nights at Freddy's myemoji blind bag. They seemed to get along pretty well, haha!
 The next day, I went to Walmart and picked up two Tsum Tsum blind bags, one FNAF myemoji blind bag, and a Finding Dory "not so" blind bag.
 One of the Tsum Tsum bags contained a repeat...which was Figaro, so he will not be shown here, haha. The other was luckily Chesire cat [which I kind of cheated because it'd already been, what looked like, popped open by someone, but was good for me], one I didn't already have! I only need Sebastian from series 1, then I can put my focus fully on series 2. Haha! I got another face of Foxy for my FNAF blind bag pick, and of course I picked Pearl as my Finding Dory figure.
The last item I picked up was to actually feed another toy/figure lover's addiction. It's a Tsum Tsum Stitch Lip Smacker stackable lip gloss for a favorite youtuber of mine. Her birthday is this month, and since we share collection interests, I wanted to put something small together for her! She loves stitch, and the lip smackers were on sale!
I did forget to show my growing Five Nights At Freddy's myemoji collection in my Introduction post, so here they are! Bonnie wasn't too excited about it.
There's also the two Foxys that I've currently picked up. I would love to pick the other two puppet faces the most, for my next blind gets!

I'll be fighting the urges to spend my hard earned dollars on more figures and such. I'm saving up for one large purchase....but until then, thank you so much for reading! I hoped you loved my newest additions as much as  I do!


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