Come With Me - Chattahoochee River!

Let us get back to nature with a trip to the Chattahoochee River. I'v been once before with friends in high school. Back then we were cliff jumping, this time was a time to relax and dip in our toesies!
When we arrived at what we believed was the entrance, we started our trek. 
About 20min into our trek, we noticed that we went to the photo friendly route instead of the entrance to actually get into the water!

My friends were almost tempted to just figure out how to get into the water here, but thankfully GPS and wifi exists. We figured out where we needed to be and headed back to the entrance. We found our selves on the right path, and quickly headed to the direction of the water. We did get turned around a couple times in the other entrance, as well as trying to find the play-in-able river water. I got much exercise, and got to take in as much nature as possible!

The mushroom growth was really pretty on some of the fallen trees!
More walking, more walking, more walking. I was surprised and delighted that I only had one asthma attack the whole trek! I felt somewhat accomplished, especially since I was carrying so much -_-. Then it was time...time to reap the benefits of our journey. We'd made it to the River!

Let's get those tootsies wet!

 There were cliff jumpers having drunken fun on the opposite side of the bank we were relaxing at. At one point, a handful of them got into floaties and floated by us. They asked if we had grass...I felt some type of way about that, but they floated on down the river and the negativity floated on with them. We played in the chilly waters for a good little minute. One of my friends also brought a water gun....added fun, yeah? Right before we decided to head back to the car, I was stopped by a lone lunar moth wing.
It brought me back to happy childhood memories of catching and finding out what they were with my mom. I had a blast, but found myself exhausted by the time I got back home. I need to get out more ^_~


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