Starfish @ Momocon 2016! [Experience + Loot + Mini Video]

It's about that Momocon time again, and your local Octomaid named Starfish has geared up and ready to overdose on anime! I'm attempting to do it "alone" this year, due to not wanting to depend on other people for anything and it being my birthday weekend. Having the most fun possible is a definite need. My birthday also fell on that Friday, and I have officially been drowned in lovely octopus gifts!

I think I've named them all different forms of Jeffery...except for Hank of course!

Day one was a little tough for me. I worked a 7-3 shift at work. Once I was free, I mad dashed home and tried to get ready to go. I used a car service [thankfully provided by a friend! Birthday presents has many forms] to get there since it was SCORCHING and I didn't want to trek to the train station. Once I arrived, my anxieties were apparent but calmed. I walked in the general direction of the entrance, and was stopped by one human I knew. I talked for a little bit since we're low level acquaintances, and made my way to registration. The human fella behind me was entirely too close in line...but I got my badge!

Badge on neck, I went back to say hi and headed down the escalator to where I believed everything was. I wasn't given a program during registration [which was odd], so I was blindly going along. While on the escalator, I was spotted by another con friend [Micah from - post] She was staffing, so I said my hellos asked where the dealers room was, and headed down another escalator. I walked aimlessly through the room looking at all the figures. Nothing caught my eye really, so I found the artist alley and started looking for candidates. As my birthday gift to myself, I decided I'd get some commissions of an ocotmaid! I found 3 artists, but only two had commissions open. I got there too late, and the room closed before I could see all the artists. I didn't take any videos or photos due to having high nervous energy. Will do better tomorrow! Believe it!

Happy Birthday to ME!
Friday started early for me. I got up in time for my fella to drop me off at the train station, YES no walking! I got to the con at about 9:30. Since we already know our Starfish is a bottle of anxiety..and none of her friends were answering her "Im here" messages, she decided to have Birthday breakfast at Fresh to Order [one of the restaurants in the CNN center]. My peoples finally messaged me and we all met up. I took the most photos on Friday, which will be at the end!
I received many many birthday wishes, which surprised me because I was too distracted by the con to remember it was my birthday. I got caught up getting into a car with friends that were going back to one of their homes to get something, which I was not aware of, and ended up missing going to the aquarium....which I was most excited about doing on Friday =_=
I did get to witness Rilakkuma make his way to the Steven Universe Panel Stage and hug the voice of Steven! Also saw the adorableness of Korilakkuma getting stuck in the door.

Rave Day
My fella accompanied me on Saturday [yay], and I had more fun walking around aimlessly with him than anything else.

I think his presence just filled my being with lovely energy. I was dressed in my "rave gear" and being the cute octomaid I was born to be. Two of my commissions were complete, but I only met up with one of the lovely artists. KatHudsonArt made me into the sassiest of Starfish [photos will be at the end]. 
My fella said that I could be Hank's wife from finding Dory, we've made our assumptions of his personality lol. After we picked her up and checked on the others, we perused the dealer's room on a mission to find my fella a kick ass wallet. I saw one on Thursday, sent him a photo. He fell in love, but after I he told me it was awesome I never found it again. After about 3 circles, my amazing fella spotted it! 


I spent some time with my people, and then it was time to go to the rave. Which was quite the upset to me, personally. The setlist was subpar, but I suppose it was the stereotypical "rave tunes". I'd stayed for 3 different DJs. They switched so quickly, I didn't have time to understand whether I enjoyed them or not. I knew conga lines were going to happen, but there were about 6 different ones going at once. We got to witness one die and be reborn, one completely fail, and one that looked like the front was trying to run away from the conga. The fella and I left our friends early. We were pooped. My lower back down to my feet were beyond in so much pain. 

Last day
I finally got to spend time with the friend I wanted to see the most. We kept seeming to miss eachother, or just not be able to be in the same place at the same time. We met up at the CNN center to first have a meal with one another. Then, she gave me my last birthday octopus of the weekend -
Blue on is mine - Jeff
Red is hers - Fred
- and I finally got to see her con loot. She'd bought some jewelries, a cute watermelon steven keychain, and plushies!
We've deduced that her zombllama is a little fella that has wonderful fashion sense!
After lunch, we went down to the dealers room to check out if there were any deals going on. I wanted to get a few Funko Pop figures to add to my Dad's collection, and have his Father's Day loot grow. I also needed to pick up my last two commission! All in all it was a pretty decent con. I wish I'd gone to more panels, and was able to get to the aquarium, but there's always AWA. 

I tried not to buy too many material items this year. My main concern for this con was to be an octomaid in my favorite artists eyes, but here are the goods! Micah wanted me to capture her goods as well lol, so the first are hers.
Creeping on Micah buying her things
Micah's Loot
Cotton Candy Garnet Print
 Princess Mononoke Original Artwork
 Octomaid Starfish Commission
by Kathudsonart
Octomaid Commission by Crowry
Wonder Woman Print [for my mom]
Octomaid Commission
by Marcus Williams
Guro Crop top and Eyeball shoes from In-Control Clothing

back of crop top
Three new Funkos for my Dad's collection
K-On! goodies

Not Pictured: Amethyst [steven universe] inspired bath bomb from The Inner Goddess Soap. It looks and smells amazing!
So much advertisement!

Short Video

That was my weekend, and now sadly the con has ended. No fear! There will be another one here soon! To see my Cosplay photos, read here.


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