Sensually adorable, and affordable Bathing Suits! [try-on and review]

High thanks, and many praises go to YesWeCoupon for making this post about amazingly affordable bathing suits. Online shopping is always tricky, especially when dealing with the asian-owned Fashion sites. Having to trust their photos, even though my curves and bodily bits don't quite match that of the curvaceous and busty women I'm viewing the clothes on. Trying to completely understand the size measurement conversions, even though this item has a diff size chart than the other item just like it! It seems as though these fashion clothings have made their way to Amazon.

Once I saw the price of these here bathing suits, I decided to throw caution to the wind and see how one works for lil ol me. Plus, amazon has high ratings and great customer service. Since I was highly unsure, and have NEVER purchased a bathing suit online....ever, I decided to go with just one for my first purchase.

I chose this lovely two piece that the model is showing off. It's black, with mesh cut-outs in the top as well as the bottom. Even though I'm a little bit bottom heavy, I decided to go with the small so what boobs I have wouldn't be visible...with excess space.

I decided to do a try on video so others can see and possibly understand how this particular suit would work for their body's fit. [Song used: bemygrl - exyle ft. ordnry yngstr]
Measurements not in video
Bust     34
Waist     24
 Hips      30
The set shipped and was received quickly. The packaging was the best it could be for it to be such a low price for the product and shipping. The fit, which is what's important, was very comfortable! It was the teensiest bit tight around my arms, but I somewhat suspected there would be a tightness somewhere with it being a small. At least it wasn't in the nether cheek region!

I would rate the entire experience 4.5/5 stars


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