Creative Dump!

Starfish has been a crafty little Octomaid these days. Not saying that I've finished everything that I've started, but I've started so many projects XD. Man, I need to finish so many things =_=...let's not focus on where I lack in productivity, and show the times that I've beat the battle against procrastination!

 I purchased this colorable journal from my job[World Market]. I'd been meaning to find "the perfect journal" so I could get back into it, and I think this one might be it. There are plenty of lined pages, and some have cute little random things in the corners. There are also full pages with fun patterned pics to fill with colors. I have started playing with the cover, and it has been quite theraputic thus far. I've successfully written in it every day since I've bought it as well!

I also became addicted to arting with highlighters, if you hadn't noticed from the direction the cover of my journal is going in. This was the day it happened:
 I'd decided I wanted to do something really bright, and she started out as a bunch of pink lines with random blue in between. Now she's some beautifully bright...clown?

And now I can't stop adding bright highlighters into my art bits and doodles! Also welcome a new OC...a succulent "baby" named Aimee!

 I've promised myself to work harder on giving more life to my characters, and Aimee has so much personality already. She's already ahead of herself, and trying to get ready for Shenanigans for this Friday! I've also been working on this kind of slime girl, who currently remains nameless.

I've had fun doing a commission, and selling some of my creations!
Tree Of Life Tattoo Concept
Chris's Girl Original Framed
Spirit of the Forest Original Framed
username Sticker extras
Cotton Candy Garnet Sticker
Lastly was an artistic conquest to do different things with my artwork. The birth of this Cheeky Ghost was made possible by coming up with a wonderful idea of painting with my butt cheeks. Fun, theraputic, and productive! Must try more, and with the help of my fella next time.
I have many more creative ideas, and like I said projects that need finishing! You can see my artwork first by following my IG: @madebystarfish

Art on creative babes!


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