5.13.16 Day and Night [Length + Photos]

It's Friday the 13th....and I had a wonderful day!
I began by showering up and getting ready to meet a friend of mine at the mall. It's been a while since I'd left the house to do anything other than see family, or go to work so I was pretty anxious to make the walk alone and possibly have to wait for her. I used my headphones to help distract me. When I got to the mall, I sat at one of those two seater tables to wait for my friend....and a random guy immediately sat down next to me =_=. Needless to say, I stared at my phone until she got to the mall LOL.

After she arrived, we went to a handful of different stores ate and then headed back to my place. We started off with an "anime" store, that's apparently owned by Hottopic.  They have so many adorable things, but my money didn't match their level of adorableness. I did end up purchasing two though! The items I picked were on sale of their sale price, so I couldn't quite pass them up. One of the items was a 48"x60" No Face throw blanket from Spirited away [$9.99], and the other was a super adorable Funko Pop Hulk Mug [$5.99] for my father as one of his Father's Day gifts. After there we stopped to eat...Chipotle of course haha.
I had a spicy barbacoa bowl, and my buddy had a vegetarian style burrito. I love Chipotle. I always get it when I go to that mall. After that we stopped at H&M, and I came across this ridiculousness
I was very unsure of whether this was a real item for sale, or if the employees just hadn't seen it yet. If it's an actual item...you can purchase a holey shirt from H&M for $25... cuz I know you want that. Needless to say, I didn't purchase anything from H&M today. We somehow found ourselves in the Disney store, and to our surprise they were having a sale on their Tsum Tsums! I almost went wild, but I kept control and only snagged up a medium Piglet plush. My friend got herself a large Stitch plush. I almost got him too, but decided I much rather have my medium Piglet. Sadly they didn't have a large one of him, because he was going to be ordered and sent to my home haha.
I also passed of these Mickey and Minnie winky babes. I could always get them next time.
We finished up with a quick stop in Forever21. They did something extremely dangerous and have made a whole sectioned off area where their sale items were beautifully displayed. I walked out with two new rompers for ~$16. We did stop at Cinnabon before we headed out though. I thought we needed dessert.

Here are some photos of our gets
 All the things! 

 My adorable friend showing off the No Face throw blanket that she also bought and her facking adorable Stitch, about to lay into some COD before we finish up the rest of our night.
She also picked up these two cuties.
I'll have to get some next time!

After our moment of relaxation, it was time to start our Night. We headed off to an Afro Punk concert in our City, which featured Angel Haze, Cakes Da Killa, and Young Paris.
I kept my phone in hand so I could ensure that I got many photos and video of the event. I have to do some editing to piece it all together somehow, so I'll probably post it on another day. But here are a few photos to hold you over!

We pregamed on the way there, and arrived to the show early due to it being a first come first served basis. You were to RSVP online, and if you didn't get in you didn't have to pay. We got in though, of course...or I wouldn't be making this post. We were probably 12-15th in line, haha. We found our way to the back and danced a bit until the venue started to fill in. We then made our way to the front to ensure we had a good view.

DJ Hourglass [in the corner] did her thing for the WERC crew and then it was on to our first performer.

At one point, he'd hailed a cacophony of us music lovers to come up on stage and vibe with him.

Next was:

Cakes had a lovely pair of dancers that definitely did the damn thing.

Lastly was the gorgeous

I got the most footage and photos of her, but we'll save all that and the rest of the fellas for the video.
The energy was wonderful, though I was still very anxious to be surrounded by the humans, but the music made me comfortable enough to dance the whole show through.

I made it back home around 2am and knocked out completely!
Lovely Friday the 13th indeed.


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