4.13.16 Wonderful Day for Crafting

This Octomaiden has been spending too much time under her rock, and it was high time to get some fresh air. A con friend of mine, Pan, tagged me in a status on facebook calling out the need to hang out with friends. I took the opportunity to plan a craftacular picnic with her. The premise was to pack random foods, a smorgeshborg of craft supplies, and head to our local park. The wonder that ensued!

We were lucky enough to not get rained on. There have been many April showers this week already, not that I'm complaining. We ended up making cooky hair accessories, and I started working on my Big Hair Ear Clips. Pan shows that they also work well on "small" hair. We ate finger sandwiches, deviled eggs, triscuits and buffalo chicken dip, fruit, coffee cupcakes, cookies, and fruit infused water. Whoo that was a mouthful. [buh dun tss, heh] Spontaneous picnics have been deemed "alotta fun", and will be had more. We're already planning more craft days.


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