Kawaii Stationery Haul: Kawaiishopjapan

The day has finally come. I have finally gotten my kawaii fix...for now at least!

With my journey of getting back into the swap/pen-pal/snail mail life, I needed a revamping of my current kawaii collection. I took inventory of what goodies I have left, made a few detash sets for my etsy, and took to KawaiiShopJapan to replace the old with some new. Let's dive into what bit's I've picked. You can also dive in in video form which will be displayed at the end!
Sticker Sacks I picked out 3 different sticker sack. 🌟Kawaii Cute Sticker Flakes Sack Kamio Japan *ポテチシール [seal sticker flake] $1.35 🌟Kawaii Cute Sticker Flakes Sack Crux *Yakitate Haripan $1.30  πŸŒŸKawaii Cute Sticker Flakes Sack Kamio Japan *いーすとけん。[i do not know]  Out of Stock
 All three were chosen with the purpose of using for my journal, and of course a plus of using them for swappage and other snail mail needs. I've already sent out a handful of each to a couple pen-pals and swap-pals!
Sticker Sheet 🌟Kawaii Cu…

Shoot For the Stars Lush Bath Bomb!πŸ›€

I've had a handful of bath bombs from the boxing day sale, but have yet to take a bath. I needed some relaxation, and decided it high time for me to have myself a soak.  Enjoy some beautiful visuals of this lovely bath bomb! 9/10 would try again πŸ™StarfishπŸ™

Summer Bucket List 2018 ☀

Today marks the first day of summer, but here in the south, we've had summer since winter ended. Even though I'm an adult and have adult responsibilities that generally take my summer fun away, I decided to still share some things I hope to get accomplished this blistering season. [post inspired by MooeyandFriends]

☀ Botanical Garden ☀ I've visited the local botanical gardens BUT it has been way too long since last I was there and I need it back in my life! ☀ Bodies Exhibition ☀ This has been here for quite some time, and I've yet to see it for myself even once. Hopefully summer wont equal crowded viewing if I get to attend! ☀ Self-Dates ☀ My fella got a new job that occupies a lot of his time [which isn't entirely different than the last], so if I'd like to go places I usually have to muster up the courage to go it alone. I'd like to see myself trying out new eateries and places even if alone this summer. I'll be kicking off the self-date-ness with a solo…

Swap-Bot: Kawaii Sunshine #1 Sent + Received

Look's to me that I've gotten back into my love for snail mailing! Resolutions being accomplished and whatnot! Anyways, this is for the Kawaii Sunshine #1 swap I signed up for on swap-bot! I had two partners to send 30 [10 large memo sheets, 10 small memo sheets, 10 sticker flakes] kawaii pieces to. Sent
I only took a picture of one of the contents, as they're pretty similar BUT I made sure not to duplicate the same sets per package..though it wouldn't matter whether I did or not lol. Both of my partners have received and left lovely ratings ^_^. Encouragement to keep going, and putting my all into the packages!

Received I also received my goodies from my assigned partners! I feel like I didn't add enough goodies now T_T lol! I didn't decorate my envelope as much either...just some kawaii washi tape for the back..but there's no competition!
Background change and special guest lol!  I was too comfortable to go grab my usual background heh.  Harley says hello! …

Michael's Haul!

I was only supposed to be buying sketchbooks....what have I done?! I've walked into a Michael's store while they were having a good bit of sales, is what I've done!

Let's dive into what I ended up picking up. Like I said, the intention was to pick up a couple of sketchbooks, and possibly some pens with different size points for arting. As you can see, I did accomplish the mission of picking up a couple sketchbooks, and even some nice micron pens in different sizes....and some canvases...some storage bits...some stickers..and a couple journals. You know, necessities!

Travel Journal $3.99 + Accessories $3.49 + $1.99 It was very hard for me to resist picking this guy up. They were 70% off I want to say, and what more push to travel than buying yourself a travel journal ahead of time!? I adore the print on the journal as well as all the added bits. The blue is so calming, and gives me oceanic road trip ideas. I'm actually not 100% sure how you're supposed to prope…