Monday, May 14, 2018

Order Experience: 2nd Komunhurangi Order

Komunhurangi opened up her shop late April through early May. Of course I rushed over at the very second it opened [I had an alarm set and everything =_=] to get some of her goodies! I placed my order on April 28th, when her shop opened. She shipped them out on the 7th, and my goodies arrived to me on the 11th.

The processing time didn't phase me due to knowing it's just her and her girlfriend on her team, packing and shipping orders, and I know she got a whole lot of orders. The delivery time was quicker than usual for a package from CA to GA.

Her style is just everything. I'm so happy we have some of the same fandoms, so I can obsess over my favorite characters in her style! How many Dekus do you see? Hah

My sweet little pieces! I see eventually having the full set of students that Komunhurangi offers in my future. For now, I've settled on a few of my absolute favorites and one of her originals:

Deku Midoriya Sticker
Tokoyami Fumikage Sticker
Katsuki Bakugo Sticker
Pastel Moth Girl Sticker
Deku Midoriya Acrylic Keychain

It's safe ot say that my favorite is actually the Acrylic Keychain XD. Not saying I'm not in love with everything else. These knew Izuku's will fit perfectly in my collection ;3
Look how precious! On one side, it's like the regular acrylic charm finish. On the reverse side, you can see adorably glitter sparkle in the light. I'm not a fan of glitter at all, but since it can't come out and stick to me I adore it with my Deku.

I'd also picked out a couple pieces for a friend of mine. I'm a bit of the secret shopper type, and hardly ask people if they like things before I purchase them in hopes to "surprise" them. I wanted to purchase my friend only a couple of items in case she ended up not liking them. Anyways, the bits I got for her are:

Hermoine Sticker
Harry Potter Sticker
Fashion Fit Deku Sticker
Deku Midoriya Sticker
Junkrat Button

All of these pieces are quite large actually, maybe measuring around 2" in height. They're quite soft to the touch, but still quite durable and I'm sure they'd be fine with outdoor use.

Last thoughts: there were some manufacturing flaws on the stickers. One thing I noticed was indentions on the stickers as if maybe the kiss cut machine rested on the actual sticker without fully going through, and other poke marks. They aren't bothersome, and shouldn't be noticeable to others without them actually looking for flaws. I still giver her a solid 5 stars, as there was nothing truly negative about the experience. 
Freebies: yummy candies, Komunhurangi sticker!

🐙Starfish 🐙

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Childish Gambino - This is America

I know you, like myself, have probably already seen/watched this video at least 15 times. BUT why let that stop me from possibly sharing it with someone who hasn't yet? I will not be silenced! Also some backstory...I absolutely LOVE Donald Glover. I have ever since the first time I turned on Comedy Central Friday night Standup, and his adorable little self was busting my sides. Then, I followed him to "Mystery Team" and "Community", and have since then followed his tunes, and been keeping up to date with Atlanta. I love you Donglover and hope you keep prospering the way you have been!

Some lovely artists who have been quick to successfully portray this video in art form:

Please support these amazing artists!

There were other pieces that were also amazing, but these two have been my favorite!
P.S. I can't wait to see Solo!

April Watched Anime [+ read Manga]

Another month has come and gone, giving me new anime to add to my "watched" list. This month showed me some odd ones, along with some even odder manga!

My First Girlfriend is a Gal
"A new school term begins, as does the season of new encounters. As he surveys his class full of couples, Hashiba Jun'ichi's mind is filled with distress as he asks himself, "Why am I still a virgin?!" Having heard from his friends that the easiest way to fulfill his long-standing desire to graduate from the fellowship of virgins is to kowtow to a gal, Jun'ichi does exactly that and asks his classmate Yukana out. And unbelievably, she actually agrees to date him. What will become of Jun'ichi from now on?"

This was quite the interesting anime, and I believe went into it with too much of a wholesome mind. There's a lot of focus on the virginity of Jun'ichi and his friends, and how they plan to have Jun'ichi lose his virginity to save them all.. Mind you, these are like 15-16 year old school kids. I know I know, when I was that age our conversations weren't too far from what you see here, but still. One of his friends is an ultra creep who is attracted to younger women [in his case, elementary school girls] and they touch on him a lot with weird pedo jokes. I suppose if you can get past that, then it becomes a pretty cute anime. Yukana is so unpurely pure and precious! There are only 10 episodes in the series, and I did feel that I wanted more after finishing. If they continue the series in the manga, I think I'd enjoy finding out what happens next.

My Sweet Tyrant
"The childhood friends Akkun and Nontan are boyfriend and girlfriend. But Akkun is always saying ridiculously harsh things to Nontan as well as being cold with her and is frequently moody. But that’s just how Akkun expresses his love for Nontan. This is a high school love comedy about Akkun and Nontan, who doesn’t seem to care at all about how Akkun acts toward her."

Didn't I say I've been watching some odd ones? My Sweet Tyrant is actually new and ongoing, so I've only watched the first few episodes that have been released. I think this one will be an easy one to breeze through due to the episodes only being 3:33min each. At first, I felt odd watching Akkun talk the way he does to Nontan. Watching further, and seeing her reactions to him no matter what he's saying put me at ease. It's not that he's abusing her, but that they have their own loving dynamic between the two of them that only they understand. AND because there's no actual physical abuse, I find it easy to continue watching. It's cute at the times you see Akkun swooning over Nontan's actions, and the same for Nontan over Akkun's.

"Frustrated with her thankless office job, Retsuko the Red Panda copes with her daily struggles by belting out death metal karaoke after work"
 I feel like I've been talking about this one a good bit. It finally released for Netflix, and of course, I've already binge-watched the whole series! The episodes are under 20min long, so it's easy to go through them all in one sitting. Being a "working girl" in an office setting, this series hits so close to home. It's delightful to see my struggles being portrayed so cutely, and seeing how Aggretsuko works through the issues on her own or with the help of her equally quirky friends and acquaintances. I truly hope there are more episodes in the future, and I can't wait til fill my space [and maybe desk] with some merch! I plan to watch this series again, at least one more time.

Magical Girl Ore
"Love makes a girl stronger." Saki Uno is working hard as part of the new idol unit, Magical Twin. The one she admires most is Mohiro Mikage, who’s the older brother of her idol unit partner Sakuyo, and he’s also a member of the top idol unit STAR☆PRINCE. She would be willing to do anything for him, and one day, those feelings brought on a miracle. Saki ended up turning into a magical girl when she strongly wished to protect someone... But what she turned into wasn’t exactly what she was expecting..."

Talk about odd! I've seen and read a decent amount of Magical Girl content, but nothing quite like this. It has cute aspects, as well as implied blood and gore, but the fact that you turn into a man when becoming a magical girl threw me all the way off. That's not even the problem, the problem I have is the main character is in love with her "friend's" older brother which is why she turned into a magical girl...and her "friend" is in love with her in return...which also made the friend turn into a magical girl. I've only watched about 2 or 3 of the episodes that are available so far, but I'm a bit bored as it is. I may try to at least get to episode 5 before I decide whether or not I want to drop it. Mahou Shoujo anime aren't at the top of my list of faves as well, so I feel that has something to do with my want to continue.

That time when you think you're getting cute magical girls, when you're really getting burly magical men!


Before you enter the realm of the manga I've been reading, let me reiterate that the titles I've been picking have been even "odder" than the anime lol!

Nurse Hitomi Monster Infirmary

"A new monstergirl series running in Comic Ryu that follows Hitomi, a cyclops that works as a nurse at a school, and the many students that come to her for help with their human (and not-so-human) problems." 
 This series was gifted to me by a close friend. After finishing volume 1, I was HOOKED. Don't threaten me with cute monster girls [and boys]!  It's fun to follow them through "puberty", and seeing how they adjust to their abilities along with dealing with "normal" school problems. I've already found myself getting attached to the characters, and needing to know what shenanigans the students will get Nurse Hitomi into next.

 Magical Girl Site
"Asagiri Aya, a girl bullied at school and at home. One day, an eerie website, Mahou Shoujo Site, flashes on her computer screen and welcomes her to the Mahou Shoujo World."
 I've read Mahou Shoujo of the End [Magical Girl Apocolypse] and had no clue Kentaro Sato had given birth to another amazing Magical Girl manga! There was little to no doubt that I'd love this just as much. This is the kind of Magical Girl mess I live for [or at least read for?]! I can't quite get down with the ones that are too "cutesy". I need some intense conflict, and boy is there some INTENSE conflict within this series. It's still on-going, but there is plenty enough out now to keep you busy until further pages/volumes are released! I own the first three volumes, but since the US isn't getting the translated version quick enough I've taken to reading the rest online. There's also an animated series for Magical Girl Site, but I've yet to find a subbed version for my viewing pleasure. Please be ready for gory/uncomforting scenes and strong language before picking up this manga.
Ghost Wife
"Gisin, who appeared suddenly like a ghost, said something ridiculous like do you want to be my wife... Soon after, ghosts became visible to Eunah and started to chase after her wanting to eat her."
The translation is odd at times and the art style isn't what I'm used to, but the story itself has sucked me all the way in. Eunah-Kim's life gets flipped upside down when she happens to look out the window to see a dark figure seemingly gobbling up kitties. Little did she know this figure would be her "husband". Gisin is trying to be a pure boy just for Eunah-Kim, and it's making my heart flutter. with her being able to see him, she's also opened up herself up to other spirits, kind and not so kind.
Henjo - Hen na Joshi Kousei Amaguri Chiko
"Amaguri Senko is a high school girl with a cool personality (as in, kuudere) and a big pervert. She openly reads porn and masturbates, and isn’t perturbed in the slightest at the sight of penises and such. The story is about two adult men that come to live and work for her father, who runs a company that does various oddjobs, which she helps out with. And the various forms of sexual harassment to which she subjects the one which she has taken a liking to." 
The "relationship" between Senko and Takamura san gave me the willies due to their age difference, but it hasn't stopped me from keeping up to date with the series. I think Senko's personality is precious, and she knows and says the things that she wants. Little to no filter, and filled with lots of awkward fun. The situations that the characters get into are fun and keep me entertained.

 That's all I've got for April! I can't wait to see what kind of media my birthday month [May] brings me, and can't wait to finish some of these ongoing titles!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

My Bujo Essentials ✐

Growing up, I've always gravitated towards paper and office/school supplies. I always had a journal or notebook of some sort, where I jotted down thoughts, information, doodles, what have you. Now that I'm older, I've fallen prey to the bullet journal craze. It's been a great creative outlet. Here's a bunch of goodies I keep on hand to keep my journal aesthetically pleasing to me!

I start with picking a color that I like. At first, I had a grey one that I've since then traded in for this lovely magenta one. Michaels has a handful of different colors you can choose from, and they're only $5. I believe they're a part of their Everyday deals, and they come with a variety of different page-types as well. Dotted, lined, grided, blank, blue, black, green, red! The pages are decently thick, but some inks that are too wet do seep through sometimes.

Page Markers
My journal came equip with two different colored "bookmarker" strings attached.  I can still easily add any other kind of bookmark, tab, paperclip, etc. to mark my spots.  You can also utilize washi tapes to create "tabs", or use actual post-it tabs to mark your spots too. This type of journal can't handle too many paperclip-like, or bulky type markers, but the strings have been working just fine. I may add a little plush of some sort to the bottom in the future to make it cuter.

Sticker Album
Now this is crucial if you're a lover of stickers like me. I have such a big collection of sticker sheets, cut-outs, and flakes that makes it quite hard to carry them all around with me at once. I found that using a photo album works perfectly for a good majority of the different sizes of sticker sheets I have. I'm going to have to invest in a bigger one as you can see mine is bursting, and less functional than it should be. I think the little pocket in the front has become a necessity for me. It's the perfect size to hold flakes, cutouts, or small sticker sheets. Having a bigger separate one will allow me to carry the necesseties in this one.

Colorful Pens

Decorative writing is essential for my journal. I like to go back and read through it from time to time, and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing look of colored text rather than just black or blue ink.  The size of the tip and way the colors come out are very important when I chose what to write with. I make sure to do enough "researching" when picking out new writing utenils, especially when shopping online.. If in-store, I test out the colors on those try-me sheets before deciding which ones to add to my supplies.

Notepads/Sticky Notes/Memo sheets

These are perfect for jotting down ideas and pertinent information. I use mine as little side ideas, or to keep important dates, coupon codes, or really anything I feel I need a reminder of! They can also be used as page markers or tabs for your journals, as I mentioned before. Being a kawaii collector, I had an array of memo pads that weren't being used. They're great for writing lists and adding them to your journal for décor/aesthetics, or even covering the full page if you no longer want said mistake page in your journal, but also don't want to rip it out!


Highly used for decoration. I don't much enjoy the sticking out tab look, so I also use the washi tapes as dividers making my sections more visible to me. Having the ends of my pages decorated pleases my eyeballs, and I can find my sections easily. I also love using stickers in my journaling [not just for random deco] to enhance the entry. Like if I go to a café with friends, I use kawaii café-esque stickers. Going to the aquarium gets me to whip out my collection of fish stickers. They can literally be used any way you please!                        

Correction tape
I don't use this too often, as I don't get all that bothered by "mistakes". I'm only caught whipping it out when I've started a page with a couple lines, and don't like how I've started it OR if I've started using the wrong page/skipped a page. Other than that, I scribble out my words or cover the page with a kawaii memo sheet and start over lol. Still good to have in your essentials just in case.

Tape and Scissors/X-acto knife
Using my journal as a scrapbook and journal makes these items very important. I want to keep all of my memories in it period, so I'll cut brochures and tags and such to a size I like and insert them into my journal. The X-acto knife I use mainly if I need/want a more precise cute. Tape is my bestie, whether it be washi or regular scotch tape. I haven't looked into any double sided tapes, however I'd recommend them for those that are bothered by the visible tape look. I even sometimes use the stronger scotch tape to cover the decorative washi tapes to keep them more stable, and less likely to peel up later.

Do you carry anything different than my list of essentials? I'd think that though we're different humans, the necessities of a bujo user would be quite similar if not exactly the same!


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happy Birthday M - Georgia Aquarium Bday Photodump!

The Georgia Aquarium offers free entry to those who come by on their birthdays. An old coworker [turned buddy] and I had made plans to enjoy both of our birthdays at the aquarium since we both love aquatic creatures. My friend's [who we'll call M] birthday came first on April 30th. We decided to meet up at the aquarium after I got off of work at 5pm, and have some fishy fun. I arrived, bought my ticket, and we strolled on in. It was pretty much the perfect time since there were little to no people there with us. We stopped in the cafeteria area so I could give her her gifts, and she loved them!
That shmile was my goal! I gifted her some sharky slippers, a little round shark plush [named crush], and some pizza cat socks! Surprisingly, M actually had shark slippers on her amazon wishlist. Do I know my friends, or do I know my friends? lol. Now for a dump of fishy photo proportions!
Can you spot the eel?
I'm still, of course, disappointed that they still don't have any octopi for me to enjoy. Even without them, there's still plenty of other aquatic creatures to keep me happy. I think they've added more whale shark since last I visited. I took a good bit of video along with the photos that I may post later if I actually get to getting them together heh. I can't wait for our next visit on the 27th!