Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kentaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman [Saboriman Amentai Kantarou]

If you are brought joy through eating sweets and enjoy watching Japanese anime, then Kentaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is the series you need to add to your Netflix watchlist.

"What am I doing between my sales visits? Only Sweet Heaven Knows!"
Kentaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is the live-action adaptation of a comedy gourmet manga written by Tensei Hagiwara and illustrated by Inoue ABD. It follows a handsomely skilled salesman of a publishing company who likes to finish his sales trips as soon as possible, so he can play hooky and try Tokyo's most delectable of sweets without anyone taking notice. He puts himself through rigorous working, usually sprinting to and from each bookstore, to ensure he can find ways to get his sweet fix!
He not only has to secretly skip work to indulge in his sweet tooth, but he also has to dodge his coworkers and manager from time to time. Running a sweets review blog compromises his mission when one of his coworkers, Dobashi, stumbles upon it being a lover of sweets herself. She then makes it her mission to find ways to prove "Sweets Knight" is him.
Not only is it fun to follow the hijincks of Kentaro's workday, but the way in which he describes his treats will keep you wanting to watch more and more! You may also catch yourself drooling every now and then, at the visuals of each sweet. There is underlining fan-service, but how can you not lose control when you finally get to satisfy your sweet hunger like Kentaro?
I think the best part of this comedy-drama is that you're not seeing your usual sweets loving character, but instead seeing a serious salary worker. I spit take almost everytime Kentaro ascends to Sweet Heaven! I think Matsuya Onoe has done an impeccable job of bringing Kwntaro Amentani to life!

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Kentaro:The Sweet Tooth Salaryman
Couldn't help but doodle Kentaro's adorableness ^_^

Thursday, February 15, 2018

[2018] My Valentine's Day

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a lovely one, even if it was spent as just a Wednesday.

I, myself, kept forgetting that Valentine's was on it's way. It sat itself in the middle of the week this year. Being a working girl, I had to keep telling myself "Oh yeah, Valentine's is on Wednesday" lol. I got it in my head once we'd decided what exactly we were doing for the clients at work. My boyfriend woke me to loving hugs and kisses, and I made myself a quick breakfast of bagel + strawberry cream cheese + banana slices + honey.

Then got myself cleaned up, dolled up, and ready to go!
I decided I had enough time, before heading out, to do my nails. I wanted something more than just the regular solid pink, solid red, or pink/red tips. I still ended up choosing a pink for my tips, but complimented it with white dots.

For my face, I chose pinks and reds to add to my eyelids. I also drew one teeny tiny white heart on my left side, right under my eye. I thought it came out quite adorable. I also added some red poms to my hair, which everyone seemed to enjoy.
When I arrived at work, my coworker had already set up the front desk with these beautiful decorations! She'd bought cupcakes, macaroons, and ice cream for the clients to enjoy throughout the day. I believe they felt the love, and appreciated the gesture!
To my surprise, I'd even been brought a little gift from one of the clients! They'd gifted me a Chik-fil-A giftcard which I'm quite excited to use! Another client brought us both candy goodie bags as well! 
My fella texted me to pick up corn on the cob and potatoes on the way home. So I assumed he was going to be throwing down in the kitchen. Closer to the end of the day I realized what exactly went with corn on the cob and potatoes...
My fella came home and started a crab boil just for me. Well, for us, but with my love for seafood in mind. It seems we've mindlessly adopted the tradition of having seafood for Valentine's Day. Whether it be sushi, pre-cooked, or brought home to cook. I never complain, haha. I actually plan to have the leftovers over some rice for lunch!

Did you spend yours with coworkers, friends, family, sig. others, pets? Or, was it a nice and relaxing Wednesday with self? However spent, I hope it was enjoyable. Now we can get ready for the weekend!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Netflix - Aggretsuko Anime Trailer! [The wait continues]

Netflix will be releasing a new series in partnership with Sanrio this coming April. The character who will be in the spotlight this time is Aggretsuko the working girl red panda!


Retsuko is a 25 year old Red Panda, who works as an office associate in one of the biggest metropolitan areas of Tokyo. Most of us would think it a dream to work for a highly respected trading company, but in reality her boss is unsympathetic and her colleagues aren't much help either. She's ultimately become a pushover, until she's boiling over with frustration. She lets it out after work when singing along to heavy metal at Karaoke!

It's quite hard not to feel connected to her struggle in some way, shape, or form. Not only that, but she's quite the adorable character as well. Almost makes you want to collect everything with her face on it! 
Now for what we've all been waiting for....the Trailer!
Let the countdown begin! The series will release to Netflix April 20th, and will be 10 episodes of 15 minute shows. I'm sure I'll be binge-watching the whole series in one sitting! Who's with me?
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Find her merch on

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Saturday with my Mom🌸

Our plans had initially been to catch back up on driving lessons, but due to some muggy weather we ended up just going out and about.
My mom had to drop her pupper off at the vet first for her annual checkup, then she scooped me up to go grab some breakfast. Yelp brought us to a little spot in Marietta Square, called The Marietta Local.
If you find yourself in Marietta Square between 8am and 2:30pm, it would be a good idea to stop at this little eatery. We've only had their breakfast, but I have no doubt that their lunch is just as appetizing.
We both ordered the "Daily Special" which was whichever special meal was made for the day. The concept was an open faced breakfast chicken biscuit two ways. We ordered both and shared! Mine was open faced, of course, with their famous fried chicken [they've won The Taste of Marietta's "The Big Chicken" Award 4 years in a row] sandwiched between the biscuit and a yummy fried eggs. This is all topped with a hollandaise sauce, which I then topped with Louisiana hot sauce. I also wanted my side to be the diced potatoes.
My mom's equally delicious daily special consisted of an open faced biscuit, yup said it again, smothered in gravy, topped with a fried egg, and finished off with a deliciously battered and fried chicken. Her chicken tasted different from mine. It seemed as though they added hot sauce and honey or syrup to the batter before frying it. It was an amazing combination that I hope becomes a thing in other places! My mom chose the side of grits instead of the potatoes.
You can absolutely tell that everything is made from scratch with fresh ingredients! We swapped bits for eachother to try, and neither of us could find any disappointment in the flavors. We both washed our meals down with a yummy cup of tea. Herbal for me and Rooibos for my mom.

After enjoying this heaven of a breakfast, we headed over to an equally amazing buy, sell, trade bookstore called 2nd and Charles.

Ok, so this store was not like the buyback stores I'm used to. It was those stores on steroids! You could shop to your hearts content through a plethora of books, comic books, music [including vinyl], toys/collectibles, instruments [well I mainly saw guitars, so maybe just guitars lol], game consoles, attire, and more! If we had the full day for just this store, I would have most likely spent more than I did! No complaints though, I made out like a thief!
 I picked up Volumes 3-6 of Nurse Hitomi Monster Infirmary [I have vol.1 and will read 2 online], 2-3 of Magical Girl Site [I will read vol.1 online], and my mom found Hauntings: The Stories of Unquiet Spirits. I also picked up 10 incense from their little area of metaphysical goodness [incense and stones].
Cut to adorable mommy being a kitty XD. My mom is the only cat I like lol.
I would LOVE to spend more time in here, perusing through the comics and attempting to find their horror hidden within the aisles. What's up with bookstores not having "Horror" as a section? I'd also like to grab a couple of their anime-esque items and rement next time I visit. They had both Rilakkuma and Summikko Gurashi!

We attempted to find me some new work shoes at DSW to no avail, but ended our random going arounds at Ulta. I was in dire need of a new "favorite" liquid eyeliner since my NYC brand one was discontinued. Instead of paying the usual $3-5 for it, the last of the tubes are on amazon for $60...
To the recommendation of the worker who asked if I needed help, I purchased Urban Decay's razor sharp liquid eyeliner in Perversion. I haven't used it just yet, but the test she did on her own hand was quite promising. This eyeliner is also cruelty-free, which is always a plus. I have high hopes for this! I couldn't pass up thumbing through the clearance items, and also picked up a top coat from China Glaze, and a little white nail polish from Ulta.

We picked up her pooch from the vet and headed back to mi casa. I always enjoy hanging out with my mom, no matter what we're doing. I can't wait to be driving so I can hang out with her more [as well as see my other family and acquaintances more!]. It's also always nice to start a weekend off feeling productive, giving myself the full relaxation of the ending on Sunday. 
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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Order Experience: Blippo Kawaii Black Friday 2017

It's finally arrived! The newest edition to my stationary pens have made it to their rightful home, here with me. I'd placed an order back in November, during Blippo's black Friday sale. I, of course, went the free shipping route with no tracking. I crossed my fingers and envisioned this day would come. I almost lost hope, then I opened the mailbox one more time and BAM! wonderful box awaited me.

I picked out two of the polka dot pom pom pens, as I'd already bought them in the past and absolutely LOVE the way they write. Super omega fine, and no bleeding! I also added a few fine tipped colorful pens that are milky* brand. They too write quite amazingly, and I absolutely need the whole set lol. There was also a promotion to receive a kawaii bear [bearick?] keychain with any order, so I recieved the pink bear laying in the background.
I've allotted Blippo a whole page within my BUJO since I was only testing out a couple pens. They've started this new thing since last I've ordered, to include a card showing who put my order together. Thank you Sam!

My experiences with Blippo have always been positive. Even though I always seem to choose free shipping with no tracking, I always receive my orders unharmed. Almost being two months is the longest I've had to wait so far, but it's understandable when ordering during the holiday season and the cheapest shipping method. You can also use coupon code KAWAIILOVE to receive 10% off any order!

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Self-love 101: Daily Masking |Experience & Review|

My current days have been filled with a good deal of stressing, and with it being so close to the holiday of "love" I thought why not start loving myself early with some facial pampering. I'd read a teeny bit about daily masking before deciding to try this trend out for myself. I picked up some masks from a couple different brands to begin my hoard.
I planned to start the first of December, and see how a week with daily masking effected my face. I kept a little daily journal recording the scent, feel, and progress after using each mask. I have sensitive facial skin that breaks out for many other "skin care" products, so I wanted to ensure it would be fine to continue after this experiement.
12/1 - Naisture Tea Tree
"soothing. didn't have a strong scent, if any at all. made my face feel relaxed and smooth after. facial bumps still visible but not as harsh feeling"

12/2 - None...oops!

12/3 Morning - Its Skin Honey
"smelled subtly sweet. cool and soothing. face still feeling soft calm, regardless of the bumps. helped for a calm wake up."

         Night - Naisture Ginseng
"bit of a strong smell-medium strength. some 'strong' pimples have greatly died down. a couple others popped up, but still seeming ok.

12/4 - Its Skin Blueberry
"nice subtle sweet scent. stronger than the Honey, but not unbearable. skin still smooth with some acne trying to clear up. looking seemingly more youthful."

12/5 - Naisture Pearl
"pleasent smell. the Naisture masks seem to leave my face stickier than the others so far. my face was still smooth after each one, though. 

12/6 - Yesul Jeju Volcanic Ash [not pictured]
"soothing and pleasant. Very subtle sweet smell. seems to stick to face better than the other brands even with movement."
 I attempted some different things to see how much multitasking I could get done while masking. I  do not recommend brushing your teeth with these on, or tasks that require you to bend over. Doing things where your face/head doesn't have to move a lot are ideal. Now on to my review. I noticed my skin feeling quite smooth and moisturized after the experiment, but my facial bumps were still present with every mask. I'd even gained a couple new ones while masking. For those out there with the sensitive skin levels same as myself, I'd suggest to do this maybe every other day along with your normal skin care routine. Doing it less may freak out your face less, and bring that pimple count down drastically. Also adding a decent diet, and habits that ensure your mental is in a nice place will help of course.

The It's SKIN brand facial masks were my favorite out of the ones I tried, with my favorite one being the Honey. The Naisture brand ones seemed to leave my face feeling a tad bit sticky, however I still enjoyed the Tea Tree. You can't really mess up tea tree though. I'm also very partial to jeju volcanic ash, so I liked the Yesul one too lol.

I give the act of daily masking a cool 3.5 out of 5 stars. Though it works for some, it's not for everybody. That everybody being me. Like I stated earlier, I could see myself doing it maybe every other day or moreso every once in a while to treat myself over doing it daily.

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[Disclaimer: masks were purchased from World Market]

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

[Jan 2018] Phone Photo Dump

December '17 & January '18

Majority of these photos come from my January. I only added December for the sake of the christmas gift photos thrown up top. Anyways, January starts a new year and a new year in my Dad's life on this earth. His birthday was the 2nd. He and my stepmom happened to be in town, so they scooped me up from work to pick up some pho dinner. We went to our house, and enjoyed dinner with them and my fella. It was nice, love-filled and relaxing. This month also started my start of good habit starting :D. I've been making fruit smoothies for the fella and I as often as possible, as well as changing our diet to include less red meats. Like ovo-lacto pescatarian diet with chicken sometimes lol. I also am addicted to those Del Monte chia fruit blend cup things. My favorite being the peach in strawberry and dragonfruit flavored chia. GA has been surprising me still with these intense freezing temperatures this year. We don't usually have consecutive days of freezing temps. Maybe one day a week will be freezing but the rest in the 50s and 60s. We've even gotten snow twice this winter season. Lived here all my life and don't believe I've ever seen snow twice. I'm also getting serious about my learning to drive, and have been out with my mom almost every Saturday. Getting closer and closer to being ok with being on the street with the other cars..but not quite. Especially when my foot freaks out and doesn't want to hit the you can see me almost tumbling over the gas station trash cans. We laughed too hard after that >_<. Lastly, I've been granted the Uber pass so getting back and forth to work hasn't been pure hell. I have been forced to talk to the drivers, which is not something I fully enjoy but was taught as a youngion to talk to those who are speaking to you. Polite and whatnot. The most surprising ride I had was when I found what looked to be a crack pipe sitting on the seat when I scooted in. I didn't ask the driver about it, but sneakily took a picture to ask my peers XD. 

February can only bring more wonderful things. I claim it this instant. Happy 2018 all, and let the positivity follow you all the way through!

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