Sent: Stocking Stuffer Tag x Cuppa and Letter Group

I signed up for this tag swap on swap-bot, to get into the spirit of gift giving. I tagged Ruth to send her a random little stocking stuffer...which mine may be a teeny bit large but I think it would still fit! I took to her profile, and deciding to make her a little journal/planner kit.

- Found Epherma - Gel Pen - Stickers - Washi Samples - Planner Bits - Winter Spice Tea

I hope she likes everything I picked out. I also designed a quick little card to go along with it and sent it on it's way. Now to focus on getting gifts for the people on my list who are here lol. Who else is just now starting to purchase their gifts >_<?

🎄🐙 Starfish 🐙🎄

-September Empties-

Good morning lovelies! We've made it through September, though it felt like it flew on by. Before I can enjoy what October has in store for me, I thought I'd go through my "empties" and share with you who made the cut for this month. Mostly beauty items, and a couple tea items thrown in.
Design Essentials I've raved about Design Essentials over and over. If you ask me about natural air advice, this brand has probably fallen out of my mouth. They've easily become the star of my go-to hair products. I love that the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in are all sulfate free. They all also have detangling qualities to them, making natural hair even easier to wash and manage. Want a silly video of my first encounters with this brand? Look no further! 
Urban Decay It has been a wonderful journey with this eyeliner. After my go-to brand disappeared off the market, I felt a little anxious about trying to find a new one. My short search led me to Urban Decay's Razo…

Mondays at The Deep End

🎮 Press Start 🎮  presented by Controllerise  Lofi kickback + chill vibes + gaming + bomb tacos Preface What? Starfish is leaving her home for something other than work? You've got that right! I've finally committed to going to a Controllerise event. I've been meaning to attend ever since I was first told about it. I was sad to even have missed the My Hero Academia themed night. With these events being held every Monday night, it's hard for me to commit to hanging out after work. This time, I was invited by my lovely lady to go out and enjoy the night with her. She'd invited her fella along, and I've decided to have my fella meet us there as well! I say "meet us" because I plan to ride up to her place to get changed and ready beforehand. Currently jittery in my seat at work, waiting "patiently" for 5 o'clock!

Intermission 5'oclock hit, and I tore out of the building, and headed for the train station. Arrived at my lady's plac…

Mom best-friends

I have an issue with making "friends". Well, actually no. Making them isn't that bad/hard, keeping them and feeling comfortable with having them be apart of my circle is the uneasy bit. I've recently realized why this was such a hard thing for me...I compare every person who attempts to create a platonic bond with me to the friendship I have with my mom.
I feel that growing up I've learned to give out what my mom seems to, so if I don't feel that I'm getting it back then I end up closing myself off from that person. Not only that, but my feelings/emotions towards other humans suffer as well.

For the longest, I kept trying to figure out why I was filled with feelings of neglect from "friends", feelings of being used, or being improperly treated. It's because they don't show me the same care that my mother shows [am I asking for too much lol], AND they do not deserve my momma's treatment in return. This is a blessing that I can find su…

Manga Suggestion: I Am A Hero

Look here... I'm super omega late to this party, but now that I've joined...I CANNOT stop talking about this dang manga! My personal challenge of wanting to read 100 new-to-me horror manga has led me to I Am A Hero. I have put off reading this manga ever since I first saw it at the bookstore many moons ago.

Journal entry shots
Yup...the new-found love is THIS serious !Reading the text includes spoilers! 
I Am A Hero is a comedy/horror from 2009. I'm not even a fan of zombies, but I Am A Hero has tried it's darnest to get me to be a fanatic. This manga was amazingly written, and amazingly illustrated! It kept my attention for 5 full days until I finally finished it, but even then I couldn't stop talking about it. I'm going to need to actually purchase it in book form to add to my collection, and to pass down to my youngsters. Show them what a good zombie story looks like. There are some very odd elements intertwined into the story that I don't think I can me…

Mini Mail Dump

I'm not even going to lie...I was too tired to include these in the swap-bot  dump post, but that's ok because not everything in this post belongs to swappage! I also don't believe I have my sent photos for the ones that are swap-related...anyways let's dive in!
First is what I received from a kawaii pen-pal letter swap. My sender didn't actually have to include any goodies, but she included some cute stickers, mini memos, and some slightly larger mini memos. I absolutely ADORE the kawaii little canned dudes. I've got to find that memo pad for myself!  I'd funnily lost this envelope when she'd originally sent to me, and found it WEEKS later hiding under a random piece of paper in the kitchen. Next is another kawaii pen-pal letter, but from kawaii blogger Mooeyandfriends! I was quite excited when she'd mentioned [I think in one of her coffee chats] that she was looking for pen-pals. I'd just started back doing swaps on SB, and always get a penp…

Life Update - August 2018

I was on hiatus during July it seems. I'm alive, but just very tired. Work-life is starting to get sickening, and not in the way that drag-queens use that phrase. Starting to get that "higher ups only care about money and themselves" kind of vibe which never sits well with me. I know it's not entirely my place to want to be cared for BUT FRICKEN CARE ABOUT ME AS A WORKER DANGIT!
I've been mainly just working or staying at home a lot still, but at least have continued being adamant about doing the driving thing. Bask in the post-trauma starfish, successfully driving about 30 min from point A and parking - magically - at point B! I had a little hiccup when I saw a tractor-trailer truck-a-ma-bob behind me, and peeked at myself going 60 AND needing to make a turn at the oncoming corner. My wonderful teacher [my mother] has noticed I've gotten heaps better than when we started. I'm no longer shaking [like a Chihuahua...seriously] or gripping the wheel so hard…