Monday, January 8, 2018

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula [Thoughts + FanArt]

Hello lovely readers. If you know me, you know I'm a lover of the more spooky or creepy. I do still love a good helping of cute, and if we can mix that adorableness with a bit of horror then I and sold. This brings me to recently stumbling onto "Dragula".  It's like Rupaul's Drag Race meets Face Off, and had a horrifically glamorous drag baby. I quickly binged the first two seasons, only to hope that the production gets a bigger budget for each new season.

Season one gave me life, and introduced me to a whole new world of drag. Season two got a bit more budget, and gave me the life I didn't know I missed in season one. I'd seen "drag monsters" on instagram from time to time, but I'd never known there was a subculture for it. Hearing the girls talk about how Dragula has opened their eyes to knowing what their own drag form was was so nice to hear. Like finding your place in life and knowing that others feel the same way, or were wishing for a platform to showcase their art forms. I'm so happy they were finally given that platform, and mor spooky gals can shine! The show also plays into my reality tv guilty pleasure, because HONEY there was so much cattyness! I enjoyed that the contestants had to do daring tasks after losing a certain competition, to see who truly wanted to stay and win.

Speaking of win, the winners of each season got to be the Boulet Brothers' next drag supermonster and tour with them as well as win $10,000 to spend as they please. I know that drag in general has to cost a pretty penny, but there's just something about making [or buying] a piece, using it for a show with blood or other gross fluids/solids, and then having to clean it or think about buying a new garment for the next show. I can see that money coming in quite handy.

I really hope that this show gets to grow and continue to air with the coming years. Google has brought me some happy-making news while trying to research when a third season would come out. I hopefully wont have to wait too long, since they were confirmed to have a new season on Dec 4th and that it should be releasing this year. I'm hoping it's not long after the final episode of this current season. I really can't wait to see who wins! I'm rooting for James Majesty, even though she is SO CATTY [the mean fish is real in this one]. He's won a high amount of the challenges, and really comes up with some amazingly spooky looks with their own sexy edge. I'm also rooting for Biqtch Puddin because she has gone through it for sure and has pulled out just as classy as she wants to be. The other contestants came down on her on more than one occasion, and I can't remember her arguing back. Just throwing their own shade back at them and going on with her life. She's won a good bit of her challenges too, and was only on the bottom once. She's also repping my city, so I have to stand by one of my sisters! lol

Here's a little fan art of a couple of the girls from Season two. Though I'd already picked favorites, I really liked a gang of looks from Abhora and Dahli. It looks like most of the screenshots I took were of them two. Here's Abhora's look from the Ghost Town Ghouls episode, as well as her go to look for the "confessional" videos.
I don't know why, but I love the choice of her nose! It's so different, and the fact that it's a signature of hers just rocks my world.

I also loved Dahli's first look from the show during the Cenobites challenge, which was supposed to be inspired by Hell Raiser.
She looked like a spooky glamour pig, and I adored everything about her choice of wear. Those hoof covers she had were amazing! The only bad thing was her tail choice [which she was also critiqued on]. I made it curly for my art adaptation, but she'd chosen this almost dead squirrel looking piece. It was fluffy, but still looked of roadkill. Which usually would be great, but not to portray a piggy.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Order Experience: Komunhurangi

I follow @komunhurangi quite religiously on instagram, though I hadn't had the chance to support her work until lately. I initially was waiting on the off chance that she'd pop up at one of my local anime conventions. That's not a very reliable way of supporting due to her living on the opposite side of the country. She'd made a post on the 12th saying that her online shop was now open, and would only be open until the 14th with plans not to open until after the new year. I wanted to make sure I could get my hands on one of her BNHA 3.5" acrylic charms, before the possibility of them selling out and never returning again.
All of this happening at once led me to her shop, and saw a couple of things that needed to be added to my personal life.
I placed my order on December 13th,  got an email that my package was shipped on the 15th, and received my order on the 18th!
Everything arrived as cute as they looked in the photos. I ended up getting not only the Izuku Midoriya acryllic charm, but also her adorable Moff washi tape! I had no clue at the time that I'd also be gifted with a pink unicorn button for being one of the first 50 to spend over $25. She also added a little sweet treat.
The tape is beyond precious, as well as little fashionable Deku with All Might on the line. 
Thank you again for the Unicorn button!

Overall experience: Amazing artist with really delightful pieces. I love when my favorite characters, OCs, or myself has been drawn by other people. It just show's how many different ways you can fall in love with your favorite things. The order to receive time was amazing. It literally only took 5 days to receive my package, and the "send out" day email actually means it took 3 days.. CA to GA! That's an easy 5 out of 5 stars!
This Deku fits perfectly with my little SMASH Deku and All Might. Oh, and Gudetama! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year Pick-me-up

I may be late to the John party, but hopefully this'll brighten your day. Have a dose of this lovely 82 year old man living his full life!

Being a 20 something year old asthmatic, this man trumps all irrational fears of me properly singing to my favorite metal songs. No more holding back! Only room for maximizing full potentials here!
If him getting three yeses from the crew wasn't fulfilling enough, he got to perform with Drowning Pool at Ink in the Clink!

To think, this inspiration came about because a retiree decided to have some fun with karaoke. Why yes, yes I have been jigging in my seat while typing this and simultaneously listening to the videos in the background. 
Thanks for reading
Happy New Year ^_~

Happy New Year!

Open your eyes, and outstretch those arms to a new day. Happy New Year, you've made it to 2018! The passed year was something else to say the least. There was good and bad change in the world around me. No matter what transpired in the passing days, looking forward is the way to go. Here are some resolutions that I'm hoping to keep up with this year.
#1  Fall back in Love
📚 🎨 💗
There are a handful of things that I've set on back burners due to being in bluer moods, and I'd love to bring those things back into my life this year. Some of these things being reading, arting, and self loving. I vow to, first, read through the books living on my shelves that have yet to be touched [or just haven't been touched in a while]. I also vow to go through my art things, clean them up, re-up on what needs to be re-upped, and also stop being so hard on myself with what I create. Self-love is a little more broad, but it includes things like bathing more [with bubbles, oils, petals, toys, etc etc], drinking more tea, doing my face up when I wanna, and treating myself to some cuter clothing. 

#2 Fall into better habits
🏠 🏋 🍲
I've accumulated a good deal of bad habits in 2017. Not caring leading to me being a bit of a bum. I hope to improve things like getting on a better cleaning schedule for the house, getting back into a better schedule for doing my hair, work on a work out schedule, and acquire some better eating habits. 

#3 Attempt to save better
Yeah...I like to shop =_= but I'm getting better at telling myself that things can wait, and if the things are gone before I can purchase them then they weren't meant to be apart of my life.

#4 Vroom Vroom Baby
I've been nagged enough that the stress over driving is less than the stress of people getting on my about not driving, so I'm hoping to acquire my license this year for the sole purpose of people leaving me alone about it. That truly is the main purpose, the other purpose is that it'd give me a better way to explore. My two feet and public transportation was decent, but asthma got in the way sometimes and the anxiety of it all kept me house ridden for most of the time.

#5 More of a Hope - Work space
This one is more of just a hope. I really want to work on my wardrobe, making it something that I can be adorable in no matter the occasion. It's a bit hard to do this when the place I work has a dress code. Especially when it's as bland as solid color tops and jeans. I'm hoping to land myself a job that gives me less anxiety of customer interaction and more freedom of self expression this coming year.

Mmm short, sweet, and seemingly easy to keep up with this year. 
It's time to focus on improving and moving forward! 
Have you made a resolutions list this year? 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Guilty Pleasure - Toy Unboxing [Picture Heavy]

I am the type of human who is still buying toys, no matter what age I may be. I believe it helps to keep a firm grasp on childlike personalities that are still lurking within me. Even if it doesn't, it makes me happy in some way, shape, or form ^_^!  Speaking of toys... 

..I've been hoarding a little bundle of blind bag/box toys to open up on a rainy day. That day came, and I tore through every last one of them!

Sumikko Gurashi Plush Blind Box
 I really wanted to get Penguin or Tokage from this set, but I'm still happy to have pulled out this little brown puff.
His name is Tonkatsu, and he's an adorable pork cutlet. He apparently hides behind soy sauce bottles, and is often left on the plate due to him being 99% fat. Poor guy.

 Disney Mxyz Vinyl Keychain Blind Box
When picking this Mxyz box, there's really no cheat way to help you tell what's inside. I was truly hoping to pull out Scrump or Stitch when opening up this one. Instead I picked...
Mickey Mouse! It's not a bad pick since he's a classic character. I'm still hoping to pick a Scrump if I decide to get another one of these boxes.

Tokidoki Cactus Pets Blind Box
The box art for this series is very cute and colorful. I almost want to keep the box, even though I tore it apart trying to see the inside.
I ended up getting this spiky black cat, named Notte. I find them to still be pretty stinkin' cute, and I'm no fan of felines. I'd still like to get Bubbles and Nero in the future of magical blind box opening.
Nero - Bubbles

Disney Villian and Pet Vinyl Blind Box
These guys I'd bought on an impulse due to them being highly reduced in price. I think they were at least 50% off the regular price at the time.
I picked out Jafar, and Ursula's little eel buddies. I would have much preferred to get Ursula, but I suppose her little minions will do just fine. My Jafar came with his feather detached. I was a little fearful, until it easily slid back into place.

Super Mario Bros 2 Viewfinder Mushroom Capsule
Within lies a mushroom in varying colors. Each one has a viewfinder at the bottom, showing a little scene.
My camera couldn't pick it up all too well, but I got 1UP Mushroom B. It's the second green 'shroom from the left. It looks like all the bad guys are sitting in a plant cup? It's been so long since I've played, so I'm not entirely sure.

Squinkies Squashies Capsule Gumball Machines
 This is another "ridiculously reduced" prompted purchase. I think these guys were either .25 or .75 each. I'm not really into the whole squishie craze, but I thought if nothing else I could figure some cute way to incorporate these tiny fellas into artwork.
There are a good bit of tiny fellas you could collect from this bunch. I was lucky enough to not get any doubles, and am just now noticing that I picked 3 completely different little machines.
I don't think that I'll be continuing to get these guys. There are just way too many to keep up with, but I did end up liking the glittery dino [Tia Rex] and the blue pupper [Musher] that I pulled this time around.

Twozies 6pk Set
Yet another time I fell victim to a ridiculously reduced item. I'd bought Twozies before in their little blind box form. This little pack was about $3-$4 for the whole thing, so I said what the hey and picked a set out to open.
Spotty the cheetah, Toby the baby elephant, Daisy the pony, Cala the baby bird, Forest the bear, and Curly the baby snake have been added to my collection of Vinyls. I think I enjoy them because they look similar to Kewpie dolls, but they just don't reach that same peak of cuteness. I think I'll stick to the Kewpies in the future.

Animal Jam Adopt a Pet House
I think this is the last of the highly discounted toy picks. Again, this one was either .25 or .75 each. Either way, I decided to only pick out one. I already know that I don't find the Animal Jam figures to be cute in my preference, but I wanted to try one out regardless of those feelings. 
I find the shape of the capsule to be a cute idea. Even the concept of "adopting" a pet held within is a very cute idea. I just do not find the sculpts and color choices to be very flattering. I picked out this vibrantly orange-colored birdie. She came with a little purple flower for her hair, and a lime green food dish.

Despicable Me Mineez Capsule Ray Gun

At first, I thought I'd gotten a defective minion. I actually pulled out a Single Celled Minion, who also glows in the dark. He's a teeny tiny bit squishy, but mainly just teeny tiny. I like the shaped packaging for this one too!

Super Mario Soft Squishy Keychain Blind Box

I pulled out a green shell from this blind box. It's the shell that Koopa Troopas usually wear, and is quite common. This one has a firm squish level that bounces back instantly, and isn't as enjoyable to squish as others squishies I've squished.

Transformers Transforming Figure Blind Box
I actually don't know how I got my hands on this one. I'm a pretty big fan of the live action transformers movies, which is probably how buying this came about. I probably thought, "well as long as I don't get Megatron". Low and behold..
....I get none other than Megatron! His coloring in this kind of vinyl toy is just boring, plus he's a bad guy! Not even a bad guy that I like! I suppose them being able to transform makes him a little more exciting. You have to move the decepticon symbol on top of his head to make him able to transform.

Gudetama Danglers Blind Bag
I love these blind bags, and have already opened up two others on other occasions. 
This time, I picked out the "I'm Falling" one. He's adorably made holding on to chopsticks for dear life. His little butt can be seen semi-squished from the back. I already have the twin boiled egg halves that say "Don't wanna be like everyone else", and the lounging gudetama on a slice of toast saying "So tired". I only need two more to complete my collection of these Gudetama.

My favorite collection additions have to be the Sumikkogurashi plush keychain, and the Gudetama vinyl dangler!

Who out there, other than myself, still collects toys and plush? I know I'm not the only one over 20 who still does so!